Looks Can Be Deceiving With The Saleen S7

Jan 25, 2021 1 min read
Looks Can Be Deceiving With The Saleen S7

This is the best-worst super car in the world.

The Saleen S7 is one of the most beautiful American supercars this country had seen in a very long time when it was produced. It became immediately apparent that people fell in love with the masterful styling and road presence of this car. However, as one unlucky car rental businessman points out, the car had its fair share of problems. Whenever a new supercar arises the people instantly flock to it. The difficulty lies in the fact that most people who lust after the car will never be able to afford one, and so the issues presented in the car’s performance department were largely overlooked by the public.

Originally bought for $250,000, this Saleen S7 was used as a rental car for some time as something to draw attention to the business. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving and the car ended up not making it through a full rental period for most of the time. The owner stated, “The car probably had about 3,000 miles on it, 2,500 of which are from me.” Most people who drove the car were often dissatisfied with the overall performance. A lot of the issues stemmed from a lack of comfort and the fact that the car was built mainly for racing, not for daily driving. The pedal box was too small making it impossible to drive without racing shoes, the car constantly scraped, and the interior was extremely driver-focused which is great for a race car but not for a rental.

Under the hood problems also became entirely too obvious with a difficult to control transmission, terrible brakes, and a crappy transmission. There are however some benefits to this car, that being that it is stable at high speeds and that there are only around 60 left in the entire world. When combined with beautiful styling, road presence, and supercar status makes this car extremely valuable.

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