Las Vegas Car Theft Surges

Mar 8, 2023 2 min read
Las Vegas Car Theft Surges

It’s a real problem…

Car theft has spun out of control in far too many metropolitan areas in the United States and other countries, but one of those hotbeds is Las Vegas, Nevada. Per a local report, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say so far in 2023 1,485 cars have been stolen or broken into. That’s in just two months. Keep in mind the Las Vegas metro population is just 2.8 million.

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The year-over-year data shows a 40% increase in car theft for the area, so that’s not encouraging at all. One man told a local reporter he had two of his cars stolen out of his garage. We assume the thieves defeated the garage door opener, which believe it or not isn’t hard to do, then helped themselves. This is why we tell people to manually lock their garage door track at night.

That local report detailed out how one car repair shop has been scrambling to repair stolen cars. The owner told a reporter he gets calls every day for stolen, trashed vehicles. He counsels people concerned their ride might be next to install an  alarm or a kill switch. That’s not bad advice.

While it would be great if the justice system did more to curb the car theft trend and other crimes sweeping the nation, there are other things you can do. Dropping a GPS tracker or a couple in your vehicle is a good idea. If you’re an Apple user, AirTags are cheap and can be concealed just about anywhere, plus there’s a method to remove their speaker.

Some feel a steering wheel lock helps, although we’ve seen thieves get past those quickly. Parking in a garage at night and securing the track is smart. Installing cameras with motion alerts is also wise. Ultimately, you should double check your insurance coverage and see what you would be facing if someone stole your car. Sadly, this is the reality too many people are living with these days.

Source: KTNV

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