Lamborghini Has Skipped The Chip Shortage Entirely

Oct 22, 2021 2 min read
Lamborghini Has Skipped The Chip Shortage Entirely

Is this what we call supercar privilege?

If you’ve been struggling to find a budget-friendly car that isn’t completely falling apart, you should know if only you had about what most people spend on their house to pay for a car, you’d have no problem getting whatever you want. Automakers like Lamborghini have been conducting business as usual while mainstream brands like Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc. have had to cut back production, causing prices to increase sharply as supply dwindles.

Learn just how much the chip shortage is hurting new car sales here.

You might find this not shocking at all. After all, the Volkswagen Group is a business and it’s pouring the limited resources into Lamborghini, which provides a return on investment unlike Skoda, VW, and the other more budget-friendly brands.

This move is similar to what mainstream automakers have been doing. GM has been using many of the limited processor chips it has on hand for its trucks since they’re hot sellers and have fatter profit margins than other model lines.

Some think the fact someone who pays over $200,000 for a Lamborghini doesn’t have to wait longer for delivery than they would have last year, considering if you order a Chevy Camaro you might be getting your car in spring of next year.

However, in an interview with Australian car site Drive recently, regional director for Lamborghini Francesco Scardaoni told the publication it’s not just about money. “The component shortage, which is mainly the chip shortage as we know, has not affected Lamborghini thanks to our strategy, which is to work closely with our suppliers. We always share our five-year production plan with our main and key suppliers, and that allows our suppliers to size themselves to properly supply Lamborghini.”

This strategy of Lamborghini’s seems downright brilliant, now that we know there are shortages in semiconductors and other components in 2021. But did it seem like a good way to conduct business in 2019? Obviously, most automakers didn’t think so and now they’re reaping what they’ve sown.

Read the Drive report for yourself here.

Photos credit: Lamborghini

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