Laguna Beach Mansion Designed For Supercar Ownership

Oct 22, 2021 2 min read
Laguna Beach Mansion Designed For Supercar Ownership

You’re guaranteed to not bottom out…

If you have piles of cash to buy a mansion in Southern California, plus you’re not scared of global warming suddenly making your oceanfront property ocean property, you might be interested in this Laguna Beach property. It was designed by the owner to accommodate low-riding supercars like Ferraris, no small feat considering it was constructed on cliffs with an extra-long driveway.

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Mark Hammond, the owner, designed the property with two underground garages with room for up to 6 cars, plus a turntable and service bay. He also has a nice collection of vintage motorcycles in one of the garages. But the most vexing part of creating this modern 6,100 square foot home was designing a driveway slope which wouldn’t hurt Hammond’s precious Ferraris.

We’ve all heard a car scrape bottom, be it on a driveway skirt, speed bump, or elsewhere. It’s a cringe-inducing moment, especially if you own the vehicle. While the damage might only be cosmetic, it’s not something you want to risk. That’s especially true if your ride is worth more than most people’s houses.

While the grade of the steep, snaking driveway was being determined, Hammond had a brilliant idea. The man hired some carpenters to build a wooden version of a Ferrari. Using that rolling chassis, he was able to quickly determine what adjustments needed to be made until the driveway slope was perfect.

Your significant other might be transfixed by all the glass showing off the amazing views of the ocean, the pool and relaxing back porch space, or the stairs leading to a private beach. But what you might love most about this property is the fact you can live with such dramatic views without damaging your precious ride.

However, to enjoy such luxuries you will pay a healthy sum. The asking price of this property is $29.95 million. Check out the house listing and get more details about it here.

Source: Robb Report

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