Kentucky Tornado Corvettes Are Being Parted Out On eBay

Apr 26, 2022 1 min read
Kentucky Tornado Corvettes Are Being Parted Out On eBay

Destined for the crusher, these Corvettes still have a part to play in the automotive industry.

We all remember the unfortunate weather events surrounding the Corvette factory just a few months ago. After a roaring tornado blasted through Bowling Green, Kentucky, somewhere in the range of 100 C8, Corvettes were damaged in one way or another. Some of these vehicles received water damage, while others were ripped apart from the high wind speeds and debris. This was a sad event for many automotive enthusiasts as those beautiful vehicles were almost all destined for the crusher. However, there may be a chance to save part of these cars and put the tragedy to good use.

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This comes after information which has recently come out concerning not the cars themselves but rather the parts attached to them. Rather than let good sports cars go to waste, the vehicles are now being parted out for replacement parts. Apparently, this was a godsend for the automotive repair world as a shortage of car parts and raw materials has made it quite tricky for repair shops to operate. As more and more C8 drivers crash their cars, the demand will only go up for many Chevy sports car enthusiasts. Eventually, the plant will recover from the massive loss, but the question still remains of just how much damage occurred.

Due to a raging fire on the building’s roof and an insane amount of damage to the cars themselves, the tornado caused around $225 million. This statistic comes from The Insurer, a primary news source in the risk and insurance. Another claim made by the site mentioned above is that nearly $50 million of that loss is from interruptions in production and servicing. The damage caused by the storm may have taken out a chunk of Chevy’s Corvette production numbers, but at least drivers everywhere will have the chance to repair their cars with the new parts afforded by the disaster.

Source: CorvetteBlogger

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