Kentucky Car Collection Survives Flooding

Aug 4, 2022 2 min read
Kentucky Car Collection Survives Flooding

Finally, a good story coming out from this awful tragedy!

The recent flooding in Kentucky has been horrific, particularly with the loss of life. While the loss of vehicles, even collectable models, doesn’t even begin to compare to deaths, we want to bring a story of hope after we ran across a local story of how a car collector’s house was damaged in the flooding but his car collection survived.

Check out the damage from an exotic car garage flooding in Miami recently here.

In Knott County, Estill Click is picking up the pieces of what’s left of his house, which was destroyed in the flood. His car collection was untouched because it sat on higher ground apart from his home. Call it a miracle, call it good luck – we’re just glad the man didn’t lose everything, especially his life.

Residents of the Frogtown Road area in Knott County told the reporter they hadn’t heard of anyone being hurt or killed in the flooding. That’s a huge bonus since lives can’t be replaced like material objects. Even rare classic cars aren’t worth as much as an innocent human life.

Drone video provided to the local news station by a resident shows some of the aftermath of the flooding. Cars and even a fire engine were swept into the creek, which turned into a raging river as the rain kept coming down. Click’s classic cars easily could have joined them, but thankfully they stayed safe and dry during the storm.

Click did tell the local reporter he estimates replacing everything he lost will set him back $50,000. Hopefully the man has good flood insurance coverage, or he might be forced to sell at least one of his classic cars. This is an excellent reminder that if you live near water or in an historic floodplain, it would be a good idea to ensure you have sufficient flood insurance coverage on your policy.

Source and images: WKYT

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