Dodge Challenger RT Driver Turns Speeding Into A Pursuit

Aug 4, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger RT Driver Turns Speeding Into A Pursuit

Should’ve stopped before he racked up more charges…

Nobody likes getting pulled over by the cops, especially if you know you’ve been speeding or doing something else against the law. Your average person understands that trying to run from the law just multiplies your problems, so most just pull over and face their punishment like an adult. Then there’s this guy driving a Dodge Challenger RT, thinking he has a faster car than the Arkansas State Patrol trooper so he can easily get away. Likely he’s broken other laws and that’s why he’s running, but he’s still piling more charges on top of what’s coming.

Watch a Camaro driver go 150 mph to run from Arkansas State Patrol here.

The dashcam video starts out with the trooper on a rural two-lane highway. He notices the approaching Mopar muscle car is going 40 mph over the speed limit, so he pulls onto the shoulder and stops. If you see a cop do that as you’re coming from the opposite direction, there’s a pretty good chance you’re getting pulled over.

Flipping his patrol unit around, the trooper turns on his emergency lights and siren as he accelerates to 80+ mph to catch up to the suspect. For a while there, it looks like the guy in the Challenger gave the police the slip.

As the trooper goes over a bridge, the road flattens out, and we see the suspect’s car stopped in the road, hazard lights flashing. A cloud of dust lingers in the air behind the Dodge, indicating he might have left the roadway and the Mopar got a little squirrely on him. It looks like there’s some damage to the rear spoiler, but not sure if that was done before.

Even though one of the passengers is concerned the trooper is going to shoot him, everyone in the car is compliant as they’re told what to do during their arrest. The trooper is professional and calm, repeating instructions when necessary instead of losing his cool and escalating the situation.

Arkansas State Patrol troopers seem to be extra good at high-speed pursuits. They’re methodical, patient, and calm in these high-pressure situations, showing that proper training makes a huge difference in law enforcement.

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