Kansas Car Club Restores Pontiac GTO In Honor of Deputy Killed In Line Of Duty

Sep 27, 2022 2 min read
Kansas Car Club Restores Pontiac GTO In Honor of Deputy Killed In Line Of Duty

The officer was shot 4 years ago after responding to a stolen truck call.

Robert Kunze, a Sedgwick County Deputy, was killed four years ago when responding to a call involving a stolen truck. He was shot while trying to make an arrest, and returned fire in his remaining moments, killing the criminal and saving two lives. All these years later, a Wichita car club is honoring his memory.

The GR-RRR'8 Wichita GTO Club has come together to restore 1968 Pontiac GTO owned by Kunze. This is the car he was working on with his daughter before he died. The group worked on it for two years to give the Kunze family the car.

"It's fun because of who we're doing it for and we you know, have visions of the end result and that's the exciting part," said Tom Nance, GR-RRR'8 Wichita GTO Club president.

Donations have come in from the community and from across the country to restore the car.

"There's been so much involvement, donation, money, time, items," said Sam Nance, GR-RRR'8 Wichita GTO Club founder.

The car isn’t completely done, the goal is to have the car finished by the spring of 2023. It is currently in the shop getting painted. Progress was seen at a recent Memorial Day car sho to fundraise, and when it is done, it’ll be kept a surprise for the family.

Donations can be made on Venmo @WichitaGTO or through PayPal @jbhnance@hotmail.com. Checks can be made out to "Deputy Robert Kunze Memorial Fund" and mailed to 1406 W. 2nd Street, Wichita, KS 67203.

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