Jay Leno Injured Crashing His 1940 Indian Motorcycle

Jan 27, 2023 2 min read
Jay Leno Injured Crashing His 1940 Indian Motorcycle

He’s been rather unlucky lately…

Gearhead celebrity and comedian Jay Leno recently crashed while riding his 1940 Indian Four. The guy seems to just not catch a break when it comes to injuries lately, what with his being burned in a garage accident back in November. The motorcycle crash was something that happened back on January 17 but nobody knew about until January 27 when Leno told a journalist with Las Vegas Review-Journal about it.

Watch Jay Leno hit a cop car with his Tesla here.

To say people are shocked would be an understatement, but obviously Leno is okay. In the interview, the comedian said he “got knocked off” the Indian and broke his collarbone as well as two ribs. Plus, both his kneecaps are cracked. That all sounds painful. Still, Leno was in Las Vegas over the weekend to work.

According to Leno, his injury was the result of working on a problem with the Indian. While test riding the bike, he smelled gas, indicating a possible fuel leak. The burn incident from November happened when he was repairing a fuel line on a 1907 White Steam Car, so the parallel isn’t lost on us.

Realizing there was a problem, Leno said he turned onto a side street and cut through a parking lot. Why he didn’t just stop the motorcycle once off the road is unknown to us. Unfortunately, Leno said “some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it.” In something you normally only see in a movie, the wire clotheslined Leno, knocking him off the Indian.

When asked by the reporter why he hadn’t said anything publicly for 9 days, Leno of course tried cracking a joke: “You know, after getting burned up, you get that one for free,” Leno said. “After that, you’re Harrison Ford, crashing airplanes. You just want to keep your head down.”

Here’s to hoping Leno’s bones heal well and that the next time he notices a fuel problem on a vehicle, he’s extra cautious.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Images via YouTube

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