1966 Nova Runs 9.5-Second Quarter Mile With LSA

Jan 27, 2023 2 min read
1966 Nova Runs 9.5-Second Quarter Mile With LSA

This car knows how to use its 700-horsepower.

The 1966 Chevy nova is probably one of the most highly slept on muscle cars of the first muscle car revolution. A golden child of great design and A-body functionality, the nova really is a masterpiece. In the 90s, racers from all across the country used to grab these old-school muscle cars and turn them into wild racers that ran ridiculously low quarter-mile times with massive amounts of power. That’s sort of what this driver was going for when he built his own version of the vintage car but there was one issue.

Sure, the 90s cars were fast on the track but terrible for the street. Old technology usually can get the job done but it has many drawbacks attached to it. That’s exactly why the owner of this 1966 Chevrolet Nova decided to throw an LSA under the hood. With such a great engine, the car is capable of producing around 700 hp, enough to take on hellcats any day of the week.

So, it makes sense that to complement the highly advanced mechanical parts he might want to add in some more modern features throughout the rest of the car. However, because he was inspired by the aforementioned 90s, and generally loves the car as it came from the factory, he pretty much kept a lot of parts looking stock. Sure, the bulging cowl hood might take you off to its performance, but you may never expect to witness this car complete a quarter mile and just 9.5 seconds.

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