Intense Grand Sport Corvette Boasts Wicked SB4 Mercury Powerhouse

Nov 24, 2021 1 min read
Intense Grand Sport Corvette Boasts Wicked SB4 Mercury Powerhouse

This is a ridiculous ride powered by an incredible 7.0-liter Mercury V8 engine.

The second-generation Corvette was most likely the most popular model for show competitors and racing enthusiasts alike in its time. This comes from the sleeker and more aerodynamic style combined with a lot more options for the powertrain. However, as impressive as the C2' Vette was in its original condition, it wasn't enough for some people. One of these people was a man named Zora Arkus Duntov, and he did a lot more than talk about it. He built a group of Corvette race cars that were so fast that GM ordered him to destroy what he created and not tell anyone about the beautiful vehicles he made. Of course, this order was immediately ignored, and the five intense racers sat in hiding for decades until they were rediscovered sometime later.

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This car takes everything that made those original Grand Sport Corvettes unique and adds one of the most badass powerhouses to hit the market in recent years, the Mercury SB4. Without a doubt, this incredible car is one of the coolest built Corvettes ever to hit the asphalt. The suspension on this beautiful thing is allegedly mostly stock apart from the front suspension, which has been slightly modified to increase the turning radius. Without a doubt, this is an incredible tribute to the idea that birthed the original Grand Sport cars, which are now looked at like legends in the automotive community.

Of course, that incredible engine boasts a massive displacement of 427 cubic inches or 7.0-liters. That is a highly substantial powerhouse for a 2,900lb car, and the 745 horsepower that it produces is ridiculous. The most remarkable thing about this motor is that, while many companies go for a supercharger or turbocharger for immense power, this thing is all motor. Adding the rawness of that powerful combination to the list of excellent this about this vehicle is an obvious choice as the driving experience is, in most cases, far more critical than simple numbers on the dyno.

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