It’s high time to celebrate right…

Maybe to some people the only connection between cars and Christmas is those cheesy commercials where the husband or wife surprises their spouse with a new luxury car parked in the driveway. But the thing is gearheads aren’t normal people, so we make our own connections between classic muscle cars and the holidays which involve big burnouts. It’s definitely not going to be a silent night with that blower.

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image credit: YouTube

Grabbing the family Christmas tree, strapping it to the roof, and taking it home only to find it’s 6 inches too tall to fit is a tradition here and in many other parts of the world. It’s that kind of wholesome, Norman Rockwell experience which goes along with caroling, hanging up Christmas lights, and ice skating on the local duck pond. We could legitimately find a way to mix American muscle cars into all of those activities and not even break a sweat.

In the video included with this article we see a 1967 Pontiac Firebird nicknamed The Rubber Duck, which is owned by Mike Finnegan of YouTube channel Finnegan’s Garage, we see the classic rip a serious burnout while transporting a Christmas tree on the roof. It’s heartwarming, really, and we think it would be the perfect subject for someone to turn into a nostalgic oil painting.

image credit: YouTube

As you can easily guess, Finnegan didn’t keep this Pontiac stock. It’s a barn find car he rescued. Recently, the man finished installing a Blower Shop 8-71 Supercharger and dual Quickfuel carbs, so he wanted to test out the setup. At the same time, his mom needed him to pick up a Christmas tree. Combining the two activities seems like a natural thing to us and it seemed that way to him as well, because great minds think alike. We’re even willing to bet you agree with the practicality of killing two birds with one stone.

Check out the video and get the low-down details on this build.

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