Houston Mustang Driver Runs From Cops For 55 Miles

Jun 2, 2022 1 min read
Houston Mustang Driver Runs From Cops For 55 Miles

He was determined, but police were more determined…

At this point, plenty of people are sick of the street takeover craze. We’ve covered what these events are and why those who participate in them aren’t real car enthusiasts (check it out here). Cops all over have finally started to crack down on participants, including in Houston where a guy in a Ford Mustang who allegedly took part in one event led authorities on a 55-mile chase before getting taken down on foot.

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The whole thing went down on May 21 just after midnight. After learning of a street takeover, deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded, observing a Mustang turning some smokey donuts in an intersection. That’s when they tried pulling the little pony over, but the driver decided running for it was a better idea.

After about 55 miles of driving, the Mustang was cornered, so the driver chose the stupid option, got out, and made a run for it on foot. It only took deputies about 10-15 minutes to chase the guy down and take him into custody. These sorts of stunts are how suspects end up with a K9 after them, so if he didn’t get such treatment the guy should consider himself lucky.

Thankfully, this time nobody was hurt during the street takeover or pursuit. There have been plenty of fatal incidents in the past, including in the Houston area. Back in April a 21-year-old man ran from police after allegedly taking part in a street takeover. He ended up plowing into another car, killing an innocent bystander.

Last year, a crowd beat a driver who was participating in a street takeover in Detroit after he accidentally crashed into another car. He didn’t hurt anyone, but the assailants were friends with the guy whose ride was damaged. That’s the mentality of a lot of street takeover participants.

Source: ABC 13

Image credit ONSCENE TV

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