Hoonigan Builds C6 Z06 Corvette To Be A Supercar Killer

Sep 6, 2022 2 min read
Hoonigan Builds C6 Z06 Corvette To Be A Supercar Killer

This supercharged American V8 is ready to take on supercars of all traits.

For the past few decades, the C5 Corvette has been regarded as one of the best bang for buck sports cars for anyone on a bit of a budget. However, these days it has come time for a new champion to take the throne of excellence in the performance automotive enthusiast community. That vehicle is the C6, specifically the Z06 models if you can find one as their performance is wildly better compared to nearly every other car that came before it, to the point of still keeping up with newer models today. Don't worry, we know it's a little hard to believe so you shouldn't just take it from us, so how about we see if Hoonigan can do the trick?

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While the car itself has been around for a while, the interior and exterior of this GM legend still looks pretty much brand new and even has some nice performance parts. That's because this is an ongoing build over at Hoonigan which is a great start to a project that will likely be pretty amazing when complete. Under the hood sits an already massive LS engine which, along with being a great platform overall, works really well with forced induction. This is well shown with almost any American, specifically GM, custom build that uses a supercharger or turbocharger to make its power. So it makes sense that this build would include one of the best forced induction systems on the market.

That model is the Edelbrock E-force supercharger which utilizes its versatility to appeal to multiple platforms including the ever-beloved LS platform. Essentially, that means this forced induction model is ready to take on nearly any challenge you throw at it with knowledge and design proven by many different automobiles. On top of all that, this blower is also 50-state compliant which is really wonderful for those poor residents of California or god forbid Hawaii. When all was said and done, the Hoonigan team counted down three, two, one and, of course, cut the video off before we could see if it started. However, none of the rest of the assembly apart from the engine was installed so we’ll just have to see how it went as the build progresses.

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