Richard Hammond’s Workshop Revives Oliver The Opal

Dec 13, 2022 1 min read
Richard Hammond’s Workshop Revives Oliver The Opal

How does Richard Hammond plan to keep this car running?

Top Gear is one of the most important television shows ever created for automotive enthusiasts. They’ve done everything from test out super cars to examine how economy hatchbacks handle different terrain. However there is one particular episode that sticks out in most people's minds as an iconic foyer into the world of the seemingly unimaginable. Of course, that was the bus wanna special in which one certain yellow cruiser stole the shell and became a national icon.

Its name is Oliver, a perky little automobile focused almost entirely on practicality above performance. That's exactly why the team took it through the rural terrain of Botswana and eventually showcased the little road car’s prowess. It's not exactly like you can keep a car beautiful for very long without some maintenance, something Oliver is particularly subject to considering what it's been through. However, most of all aging effects can be reversed with a simple restoration process. That's exactly what this incredibly iconic sleeper got at the Smallest Cog garage and now there's a lot of speculation for what's next on the auto’s timeline.

Apparently, Richard Hammond has speed on his mind as he has theorized setting Oliver up for rally racing or even drag racing. As jaw-dropping as this scene would be to see, it would require a full overhaul of the vehicle which would likely result in a completely different automobile. At that point would it even be Oliver anymore? This was the primary concern of most commenters under the video, even though it would still be the same vehicle just with some upgrades. For the time being, Oliver is in great condition and is clearly looking just as good as new with its dedicated enthusiast driver Richard Hammond taking good care of it.

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