GM Collection Shows Some Of History’s Best Muscle Cars

Nov 18, 2022 1 min read
GM Collection Shows Some Of History’s Best Muscle Cars

Performance and style are these cars’ specialty.

GM has produced some of the world’s most iconic muscle cars to ever strut their stuff on a national stage. From Novas to Firebirds, these vehicles are down right amazing in every sense of the word. Some of their more vintage models can be pretty hard to find but all in all there are a few good spots to check if you’re really looking to get behind the wheel of one. This man found his own way of making sure he always had a surplus of such awesome muscle cars, his very own massive collection.

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Starting off with a Nova, these were the original economic muscle car with a small body and a lot of horsepower. From the factory, this car wore the SS badge along with a four-speed manual transmission. Such a wonderful automobile is a crazy sight when you consider it was built in 1973. Along with that, a dark gold Tri-Five car can be seen without its hood. Both of these automobiles are truly impressive though they certainly aren’t the end of the collection.

Some of the most interesting cars include a Buick Grand National and an old 1986 Chevrolet Camaro. That Camaro boasts a 305 cubic inch V8 engine and was originally the owner’s daughter’s car. He bought it for her when she turned 16 and now it’s perfectly preserved in the father’s collection. Finally, you can see a ton of old engines from all sorts of platforms ranging from Hemis to GMs. This collection is an impressive recanting of history and it’s in the hands of a man who truly cares about his cars.

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