Texas C8 Corvette Wheel Theft Seems Suspicious

Nov 18, 2022 1 min read
Texas C8 Corvette Wheel Theft Seems Suspicious

Is this the new theft trend?

Getting your car stolen is the worst, but having some jerk chop off the catalytic converter is still pretty bad. Now we have people swiping wheels off parked cars, as shown in a video of two thieves stealing a wheel off a C8 Corvette in Texas. Actually, this isn’t anything new, but the local news sure seems shocked such a thing would happen and so “quickly.”

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Back when I was a kid the old joke was that the neighborhood kids were so nice somewhere, they would rotate your tires for free. Steal wheels and the tires mounted on them is anything but a new trend – it’s been going on for decades. But the video of the C8 wheel theft seems to introduce a new concept.

The theft of the wheel took the two amateur thieves just a minute to pull off, a fact which also seems to shock the local newscast. Have they ever seen NASCAR pit crews? What about Formula One? If anything, the two guys swiping the wheel are slow, especially since they have a hydraulic jack and what appears to be an impact driver.

According to Southlake Police, the video of the crime was taken by a Tesla which was parked across the way. The whole thing went down on the afternoon of November 3 by a 24-Hour Fitness. As the thieves are working, they not only are wearing masks, their sagging pants almost fall all the way off.

You’ll note the suspects are driving a black Dodge Charger. We are just shocked a Charger has been attached to a crime, something we just never have seen (that’s sarcasm). Check out the video for yourself and remember to submit any tips you might have to Southlake Police.

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