GM Reportedly Working On A Camaro Sub-Brand

Dec 13, 2022 2 min read
GM Reportedly Working On A Camaro Sub-Brand

Would you be interested in a Camaro crossover? How about a Camaro sedan?

According to a recent report from Car and Driver, GM is planning to make a Camaro sub-brand, similar to the rumored plans Ford has for the Mustang and Bronco lines. Supposedly, GM wants to do the same thing with the Corvette and Escalade. This could mean crossover versions of the Camaro and Corvette, maybe some sedans, a compact Escalade, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

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It seems odd GM would be working on a Camaro sub-brand considering how little support the muscle car has received in the past few years. In fact, production for it was paused repeatedly last year, signaling GM considers it a dog. The Escalade and Corvette, on the other hand, have huge loyal followings, so creating a lineup of models under those names seems like a natural fit.

Note we’re not saying spinning any of these off into sub-brands is a good thing for the hobby. We think this is possibly just a somewhat lazy cash grab by GM, similar to how it applied the storied Blazer name to a product that’s nothing like the original truck. We expect a Corvette sedan or crossover, not to mention those same form factors for the Camaro name, will be met with about the same enthusiasm as the Mustang Mach-E. Sure, the non-car weirdos love having a “sporty” crossover or sedan, but to enthusiasts they just sully the name and legacy.

As for the Escalade, the only direction to go is smaller and unibody. But is it really an Escalade without body-on-frame construction and monstrous dimensions? GM should’ve learned a lesson by the watering down of the Hummer name, but alas history repeats itself.

Even more horrific, there’s talk of an Escalade luxury minivan. Such an abomination ought not to exist, but keep in mind many things that should not be have been made by car companies over the years. Dark times appear to be ahead.

We’ve heard rumors about GM spinning off several nameplates into their own sub-brands for a while now, but we hear a lot of rumors we don’t cover because this industry can be quite the rumor mill. However, this rumor seems to be gaining credibility, as are the ones about future plans for the Mustang and Bronco nameplates. Like we’ve covered before, Ford is apparently working on a Mustang sedan and we already have an all-electric crossover wearing the pony badge. Perhaps it’s time to loosen regulations and let the established automakers deal with some actual competition for a change?

Source: Car and Driver

Photos via GM

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