One of The Best NCRS Top-Flight 1958 Corvettes Is Selling At Mecum Kissimmee

Dec 13, 2022 2 min read
One of The Best NCRS Top-Flight 1958 Corvettes Is Selling At Mecum Kissimmee

Fast, fun, and shoots off like a gun, this Corvette is the perfect vintage sports car.

1958 was a great year for the Chevrolet Corvette, the first generation came out of the factory swinging at every modern European sports car of its time with extra power and better handling. That’s what made it so great in the first place, it took the competition by storm with engineering that was simply better . Fast forward to today and those cars evolved into track ready monsters that still go toe to toe and defeat everything from BMWs to Mercedes on a regular basis, and at half the price. Here’s a car that exemplifies exactly what made it all possible and the best part is you could on a Sunday.

One of the first things that everybody, enthusiast or not, notices about this Corvette is its exterior styling which made it quite a great looking vehicle for its time. Even in our modern era, when cars have seemingly reached a level unlike anything previously dreamed of, the Corvette’s first generation is still an icon. It definitely helps that the exterior has been kept in great condition and the silver paint has been maintained so as to still capture the spirit that made it so desirable to Chevy fans.

Under the hood, you can find an engine that lets you know exactly what the vehicle was built to do, go fast. Utilizing 283 in.³ of displacement, the V8 pushes out a whopping 290 hp with its fuel injection system. Such a design really was ahead of its time and it definitely proved useful on the racing track. This Corvette is a great example of exactly what we, as enthusiast, love about cars. It’s fast, it’s fun, and the styling is absolutely classically iconic with a hint of attitude.

Mecum Kissimmee is the largest auction in the United States. The sale runs January 4-16, 2023. To consign or register to bid visit To see even more great cars selling in January visit Where The Cars Are!

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