Georgia Cops Bust Huge Chop Shop

May 11, 2022 2 min read
Georgia Cops Bust Huge Chop Shop

Recognize any of these cars?

Having your car stolen sucks, especially if it was a ride you absolutely loved and customized just so. The thought of some criminals abusing your vehicle, chopping it up in to pieces and selling it off to other criminals is enough to drive you nuts. That’s why we love seeing stories like this one out of Georgia where these lovely individuals get busted in the act.

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When the dust settled, five different people were arrested. What brought them down wasn’t a GPS tracker installed in one of the cars. It also wasn’t a dramatic police chase after they swiped a Hellcat. Instead, it was the sheriff’s office investigating a string of thefts from construction sites in the area.

Investigators arrived at a house in search of the missing construction equipment. After digging around, they uncovered all kinds of vehicle parts, which sent up red flags.

Without tipping off the suspects, authorities kept an eye out for a white cargo van which was connected to the recent theft of an excavator at a construction site. A deputy tracked the van down, which was parked at a house not too far from the other one. Poking around, investigators found more construction equipment which was reported stolen. Of course, the thieves had removed VINs from whatever they could, like that wouldn’t be suspicious.

According to authorities, the vehicles at the chop shop come from quite a few different areas. It’s unclear who stole them and how they were transported to the house.

The owner of the property where authorities original found the stolen construction equipment and car parts reached out to local media to plead her innocence. She claims she didn’t know there was stolen property at her house and that she isn’t connected to the chop shop.

One of the suspects was arrested in 2020 after stealing a Ford Model T which turned up at a chop shop in McDonough. This particular chop shop had a variety of vehicles at it, as you can see, including some Mopar muscle cars.

Source: The Newnan Times-Herald

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