Guy Runs From Los Angeles Cops, Does Lame Donuts

May 11, 2022 2 min read
Guy Runs From Los Angeles Cops, Does Lame Donuts

Come on, at least put a little more effort into breaking the law!

Right up front, I want to make it clear that in no way am I encouraging anyone to break the law, but if you are please don’t do what this guy in Los Angeles did recently. Aerial footage showed he led police on a chase for about an hour and a half, which is a pretty long time for a chase. The part that’s really lame is the “donuts” he tried turning in different intersections as he ran from officers.

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Let’s just say up front, if your tires aren’t smoking, you’re not doing donuts properly. You could blame this on the rather boring car the suspect chose to use for making a run from the police, but I just happen to know you can get some smoke going in some rather underpowered, otherwise boring vehicles. Sure, it takes more effort, but if you’re being chased by the cops and want to act like you’re suddenly in a street takeover to taunt them, could you at least put some effort into it?

While I’m at it, officers also didn’t give this their all. Now I know being a cop in Los Angeles means you have all kinds of silly restrictions slapped on you by department brass and politicians for stupid reasons, which has to be ultra-frustrating. But at one point during the chase an officer tried to PIT the suspect, only it looked like a half-ass effort. Maybe they were told by superiors to sleep walk through the pursuit?

The only thing to come out of that PIT attempt was that the rear bumper detached from pretty much all the clips. It was dragging behind the car and maybe that’s why the guy decided to run to his house. Thankfully, police already thought he might go there, so they were ready and finally put an end to what was a dangerous but admittedly lame chase.

Source and images: NBC Los Angeles

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