Garage Living Space Is The Ultimate Man Cave

Jul 4, 2024 2 min read
Garage Living Space Is The Ultimate Man Cave

Special cars need special places…

If you have enough cash in the bank to own an impressive collection of collectable cars, it stands to reason you can store them in a special place. After all, who wouldn’t want to sit in a comfortable den next to their Ferrari F40 while reading a book at night? It’s an idea we’ve seen spreading recently as garages are turned into lush living spaces and cars are pampered right alongside their owners.

This latest example, called The Library, showcases an impressive collection of some of the finest automobiles the European continent has ever produced. And while these automobiles would look impressive in a barn that’s about to fall over, such a setting simply isn’t a proper storage facility for anything so precious.

Rich woodwork combines with polished stainless-steel plates and artistic lighting to mimic the feel of a classic car. What’s more, the handles to open cabinets and unfold bench seats in the living space inspired by those found on a Zagato. The lounge chairs’ shape was inspired by the Ferrari Dino, giving everything a unique but familiar feel.

According to A Work of Substance, which assembled this amazing space, all the furniture and other appointments in The Library is modular. The idea is the owner can rearrange things as he sees fit, accommodating the space and mobility theme which fueled the overall design.

Not only is an impressive collection of cars housed in this den, so are numerous automobile memorabilia pieces from books to helmets, artwork, and high-end models. The mixture of the cars, other items, and rich appointments work to create the feel of a private museum, a place where the owner can truly relax while appreciating the beauty he’s fortunate enough to enjoy daily.

Photo credits: A Work of Substance

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