Garage-Built 1968 Corvette Restomod Rocks

Jun 25, 2021 2 min read
Garage-Built 1968 Corvette Restomod Rocks

Not all cool builds are commercially-done…

If you were to see this 1968 Chevrolet Corvette restomodat a show, you would probably think it was built by professionals in a shop. That’s ok since the owner, Jeff, would likely take that as a nice complement. The reality is that he’s been slaving away on the sports car in his own garage, pouring in countless hours to get everything running great and looking fantastic. The results speak for themselves.

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While the C3 Corvette has been in Jeff’s family for 26 years, it originally started out as his mom’s car. For whatever reason she didn’t like it, so Jeff’s dad started restoring it for whatever reason. It sat disassembled for years until Jeff finally convinced his dad to sell him the car. Jeff had a vision of what it could be, something others couldn’t see, and boy did he hit a home run.

image credit: YouTube

Originally, this was an L71 car, and while it has a 427ci V8 under the hood, it’s not the factory-original mill. Before you start thinking that was a bad move, Jeff says on the dyno it’s making 525-horsepower, so the C3 can really scoot. Plus, it’s rolling on 18-inch wheels and has been lowered slightly, but the suspension is pretty much all original.

image credit: YouTube

While not all C3 Corvettes are highly attractive, the 1968 is arguably one of the better-looking model years for the sports car. Still, some people have managed to royally screw up when they’re trying to capitalize off the Chevy’s aesthetics. Thankfully, Jeff honed in on what makes it look good, then accentuated that further. The hue of the blue paint paired with chrome trim and a red leather interior just looks undeniably wonderful. Even more amazing, Jeff did the paint and everything else in his garage, rather than sending the car out to a shop.

image credit: YouTube

Check out the video to ogle this amazing build, which happens to be for sale or at least was when the video was made.

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