Forest Of Abandoned Muscle Cars Has Uncertain Future

Mar 10, 2022 2 min read
Forest Of Abandoned Muscle Cars Has Uncertain Future

This tumultuous collection is one of the most overgrown gatherings of American Muscle cars we’ve ever seen.

Classic cars are the most simultaneously beloved and abused vehicles on the American performance car market. Usually, you'll see the cars either wholly restored on the drag strip or car show or rotting away in some abandoned garage. Some of those muscle cars aren't even given the luxury of enclosed storage space and end up rotting away in the outdoors. Of course, we certainly can't judge the owners for this as quite a few circumstances could have led to something like it, but it is still a sorrowful sight for us car enthusiasts. Here is a prime example of what happens when life hits you where it hurts, in your muscle cars.

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Upon entering this incredibly overgrown forest of American automobiles, you'll find an imposing lineup of Mopar performance cars. Some of these include what appears to be a 1969 Road Runner, several third-gen B-body vehicles, and most strikingly, a GTX. These cars were insanely powerful and fun to drive in their time, as the older generations will remember, especially in the 383ci V8 and Hemi models. Unfortunately, one such car sitting in the lot, either a Super Bee or GTX, has a massive hole cut in the hood where a gigantic V8 racing engine once sat. Nowadays, it looks like the engine bay is empty and will stay that way for a while.

One notable piece of automotive history is the matte black Batmobile which appears to have rolled straight out of Tim Burton's garage. Cars like this are funny because, most of the time, the crazy exterior parts like rocket jets and stuff are just for show. In reality, the batmobile has been powered by a Chevy 350 ci V8 since the 1980s. Now, once icons of a forgotten time, these cars sit idle, waiting for some saving grace to move them into the next era of their lives. Hopefully, the owner will consider selling some of the cars or fixing them himself, but for now, the vehicles will remain in the forest of automotive fantasy.

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