Ford Mustang Continues In Second Place

Jul 26, 2022 2 min read
Ford Mustang Continues In Second Place

But it will the last of its kind…

Mopar, Ford, and GM fans could argue all day long about which brand is best, whether they’re talking about modern muscle cars, trucks, etc. However, black and white sales figures aren’t something you can spin as easily. Those have been showing that lately, the Dodge Challenger is king, with the Ford Mustang coming in second and the Camaro rounding out the lineup.

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For the second quarter of this year, the Challenger racked up 14,558 unit sales. While that was good enough for the top spot, it was still a 3.28% decrease in sales versus last year when 15,052 were sold in Q2.

For the Mustang, Q2 sales of 12,258 might have earned it second place, but it also meant a 16.48% drop when compared to last year. Back in Q2 of 2021 the Blue Oval’s pony car was much closer to the Mopar lead, so the distance between the two seems to be increasing. Ford executives likely feel a sense of relief that the Challenger is going away, although what it will be replaced by remains to be seen.

Finally, there are the lowly Chevy Camaro sales figures. While it’s certainly a legitimate performance car, consumers aren’t paying much attention to it, still. A mere 4,545 units were sold last quarter, making it a distant third in the market. Thanks to the factory shutdown last year, that was still good enough for a 62.79% increase in sales. Like the Challenger, the Camaro is supposed to also be moving on to that garage in the sky.

The future of the modern muscle car market sure looks bleak. However, plenty of people should be squirreling away these modern classics, especially of the Mopar variety, so in the future they could still be dominating shows and classic cruises.

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