Ford Mustang Invites Itself Into House

May 2, 2024 2 min read
Ford Mustang Invites Itself Into House

This just keeps happening…

On the morning of November 8 an 18-year-old female driver crashed her Ford Mustang into a house in Escambia County, Florida. According to a local report, the young lady was trying to pilot her pony car through a curve on Eight Mile Creek Road when she lost control, left the road, and gave a homeowner quite the shock.

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Fortunately, neither the driver or the homeowner, who was inside the house at the time, were seriously injured. The Mustang sustained front end damage that looks to include a broken axle, but there’s no telling what damage isn’t visible in the photos posted to Facebook by Escambia County Fire Rescue, which responded to the scene.

As for the house, there was some structural damage and the porch was demolished. Fire crews constructed a T on the spot to keep the home from collapsing, then boarded up and tarped the gaping holes left by the Mustang’s vicious attack. Yes, it is that season again where Mustangs roam the streets looking for innocent houses, power poles, and crowds.

Florida Highway Patrol is now investigating the crash. It doesn’t seem apparent just how the 18-year-old driver lost control of the car, but people are speculating it’s everything from poor road design to driver distraction. Sadly, that last one hits close to home as probably all of us have been involved in close calls because another driver found something on their smartphone more interesting than paying attention to their surroundings.

Ford Mustangs don’t crash into houses, bad drivers crash their Ford Mustang into houses. We know some people are going to complain unless we make that distinction, just like how we have to specify it’s the drivers who crash Mustangs into power poles, crowds at car meets, and so on.

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