Guy Gets A 1931 Packard For Free

May 2, 2024 1 min read
Guy Gets A 1931 Packard For Free

However, there is of course a catch.

As the old saying goes, the best price for something is free. Well, that’s actually true but not true, especially when it comes to cars. if you’ve ever purchased a car for next to nothing, you know what you get in return is a huge project and some major expenses. Is it worth it? For some cars yes and for others no. Considering the guy in the video below is getting a 1931 Packard, we tend to think this one is worth it. But make no mistake, the classic is going to require a huge amount of work.

Steve Darnell of YouTube channel Welder Up isn’t your average guy. He runs a shop in Las Vegas and has a huge following thanks to his crazy vehicle creations, like turning a muscle car into something that looks like a Mad Max set piece. That’s why he was approached by a guy about the classic Packard in question and offered it for free.

This Packard has most definitely seen better days. Rust is everywhere, but it doesn’t appear to be eating through the body, at least not yet. Even though the car is up on jack stands, it does at least have wheels. The interior is gone, except for the dash, seat frames/springs, steering wheel, shifter, and a few other odds and ends. But there are no gauges and pretty much anything else.

Also, this car isn’t exactly running. It has what appears to be the original straight-eight engine, but it’s not running. Several major mechanical components are missing, too, like the water pump. In other words, Darnell is going to be hunting down a lot of parts just to get this car running, let alone so he can sit in it and see how fast it’s going.

Would you take a free car like this one? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and explain your reasoning.

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