Ford Mustang Crashes After Being Shot

Mar 4, 2022 2 min read
Ford Mustang Crashes After Being Shot

It was a wild night in San Diego…

Early on the morning of February 26, a man in San Diego crashed his Ford Mustang as a pedestrian shot at the pony car, striking it at least once. Multiple people heard the gunfire and called 911. When police responded to the area, they found the Mustang in an alley.

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According to a local news report, the driver of the Mustang and another man were standing near the Ford when another car pulled up behind. It sounds like the two guys think it was a white Dodge Challenger but aren’t entirely sure, so maybe it was a Camaro since they look basically the same (that’s a joke, before anyone gets offended).

Although it’s not explicitly stated in the report, we’re guessing the two guys jumped in the Mustang when they realized the other guy was up to no good. When the shooting began, they hit the gas and the pony car launched forward, but the driver couldn’t keep it under control. Thankfully, there were no large groups of pedestrians nearby.

As you can see in the video, there’s obvious front-end damage to the car. It also shows a bullet hole in the bumper by the license plate. The cameraman caught one of the Mustang’s occupants demanding to know why he was being detained, then yelling to the other to remember “that less is more.” In other words, he didn’t seem to want to answer all of the police officers’ questions for whatever reason.

It used to be that some Ford enthusiasts would blame the solid rear axled for why so many Mustangs crash when the drivers really punch it. However, this Mustang was an S550, so it has an independent rear suspension. We’ve covered other crashes involving S550s, including one in Florida where the driver plowed into a crowd while leaving a car meet (see that one here).

The good news is neither guy who was in the Mustang was seriously hurt. Police interviewed them before releasing the men. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Source: Fox 5

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