Ford Model A Gets Its First Wash In 91 Years

Mar 27, 2022 2 min read
Ford Model A Gets Its First Wash In 91 Years

The abandoned classic looks fantastic…

Anyone familiar with classic cars knows the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” is absolutely spot-on. That’s clearly illustrated by this Ford Model A which was abandoned in the woods for over 8 years, yet the owner was able to get it started in short order without much trouble. These things were built to be durable, reliable workhorses, not some iPhone on wheels which cracked apart because the temperature changed to quickly, needing thousands and thousands in repairs just to run again.

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Not only did this Ford drive out of what you would think was its grave, the thing was then treated to a proper wash by AMMO NYC. This guy is one of the better-known master car detailers out there, thanks to his popular YouTube channel and great work ethic. Seriously, the guy knows his stuff and executes well on projects like this, so his fame is well-earned.

What’s truly amazing is the claim this Model A hasn’t been washed in 91 years. The guy calls this a “disaster” detailing because as you can imagine the grime has built up in disgusting ways during all that time. However, he gets everything to just come pouring off the body and all the different nooks, instantly transforming how the classic car looks.

Instead of dramatically restoring this survivor, the owner wanted it preserved the way it is. Not everyone is a huge fan of patina and that issue can be argued for days on end, but with this Ford it seems appropriate and adds character. Plus, the vehicle has been in the guy’s family this entire time, so all those blemishes are like part of a legacy.

Ultimately, it’s so satisfying seeing something which is a pivotal part of automotive history get cleaned up so thoroughly. Check out the video for yourself.

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