Ford Mach-E Crashes Through Garage Wall

Oct 23, 2023 2 min read
Ford Mach-E Crashes Through Garage Wall

Alright, who called the Kool Aid Man?

Someone crashed their Ford Mustang Mach-E through the back wall of their garage and we can’t stop laughing. The image, which has been shared all over Reddit and other social platforms, shows the red EV sitting with debris on it and the remnants of a brick wall in front and to the sides. Why the bloated pony crossover decided to mimic the Kool Aid Man is beyond us.

Watch a Ford Mustang pants a guy right here.

Some EV fanboys are saying this clearly demonstrates how tough and powerful electric grocery getters like the Mach-E are, which is just super cute. We don’t know about the structural integrity of the wall in question, but we’re pretty sure the electric Mustang crossover thing isn’t the tank its breathless admirers wish it were.

If we were going to crash through a wall, we’d select something much cooler and tougher, like a Hummer H1 Alpha, Chevy Duramax, or Ram 3500. Yeah, a Ford Super Duty would also be a great choice, if you just love the Blue Oval. With a nice push bar/grille guard up front, one of those vehicles would cause much more havoc than the Mach-E. And with how EV fans mock such trucks, it seems weird they’d be trying to act like the crossover Mustang is tough like them.

Other Mach-E fans are busy arguing on social media this incident proves it’s a “real Mustang.” We’re not clear on the logic here, because last time we checked, “real Mustangs” aren’t crashing through the back wall of garages on a regular basis. Sure, they’re hitting power poles and running into crowds while leaving car meets, but the garage trick seems to be a Mach-E thing. So no, the Mach-E still isn’t a real Mustang until one lurches into a crowd of Gen Zers watching it perform a burnout while leaving a Shoney’s parking lot.

Also, it looks like the construction of the house where this “accident” took place looks like the home your order off Wish. This is the equivalent to those karate “masters” breaking boards which have been pre-cut. Sorry, Ford Mach-E fans, you still don’t get your man card or a pass into the muscle car owners club.

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