Ford Wants You To Cosplay Your Favorite Mustang

Sep 7, 2022 2 min read
Ford Wants You To Cosplay Your Favorite Mustang

No, this apparently isn’t a joke…

Cosplaying is all the rage with the youths these days, with some of the older generations getting in on the action at nerd conventions all over. Ford thinks it can leverage this phenomena to get everyone really excited for the next-generation Mustang when it’s revealed on September 14 by asking fans to dress up as their favorite generation of the pony car.

Test how well you know the classic Ford Mustang here.

You could take this literally and create some crazy Transformers suit, but we doubt there’s time for such tomfoolery. Instead, the promotional image seems to suggest you should dress up in some stereotypical wardrobe from the era of your favorite Ford Mustang. It also suggests there will be a two-to-one female-to-male ratio for this contest, which could be the truth.

Called the Best Stang Decade contest, which will take place at the reveal party for the new Mustang in Dearborn, you have the chance to win one of the new pony cars. Well, not win the car, but first place will be a two-year lease of the Mustang GT, so you get to drive it like it’s yours while keeping the miles low. Then you have to give it back.

Second place for the contest is “an early drive of the all-new Mustang.” We don’t know how far you’ll get to drive it or how hard, but dressing up in some bell bottoms and a disco shirt would totally be worth it, right? Or you might opt for a mullet and jeans jacket with the sleeves cut off. What would you wear if you really like the Mach-E? Let your imagination go wild!

The lucky third place winner will get to enjoy doing a hot lap in the new Mustang with a Ford Performance driver behind the wheel. That’s right, you don’t get to drive the car, but someone else who’s more skilled than you gets to show you what it can do. Excitement.

If you like embarrassing yourself in public for a chance to not win a car, then register for this event here.

Image via Ford

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