Stolen BMW Leads To Horrific Crash In Cleveland

Sep 7, 2022 2 min read
Stolen BMW Leads To Horrific Crash In Cleveland

Car theft continues fueling crime…

The car theft situation continues to rage out of control in certain cities, often leading to horrible situations like this one in Cleveland. Authorities were trying to apprehend an accused car thief in a stolen BMW when the suspect took off, hitting another car, which then crashed into a house.

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It all went down on August 26 on the city’s west side. An Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesman says the passenger in the stolen BMW as being arrested for theft when the driver decided to make a run for it. Why they didn’t remove the driver from the vehicle first is a mystery, but the result was the crash.

That driver was able to get a whole 17 blocks away from the site of the original traffic stop before making a mistake and hitting the other car. The suspect suffered minor injuries and was taken into custody. However, the driver of the vehicle hit by the suspect suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. The driver’s side of the Scion was caved in, so we can only imagine.

There are now at least three victims to this original crime. One is of course the owner of the BMW. The second one is the driver of the other car which was hit by the fleeing driver. And third is the owner of the house who now has to deal with making repairs and being made whole financially.

We’ve been shocked to watch the car theft wave sweep across certain portions of the nation worse than others with what seems to be little response from authorities. We’re not blaming the police for this one since they’re trying to do everything they’re allowed to catch these criminals.

Instead, others in the justice system seem intent on letting car thieves off easy, sometimes with little to no jail time and a slap on the wrist as far as fines. Hopefully these suspects get the book thrown at them because something needs to change.

Source and images: WKYC

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