650-HP Big Block Plymouth Road Runner Has Had Quite The Life

Jan 29, 2022 2 min read
650-HP Big Block Plymouth Road Runner Has Had Quite The Life

The owner of this insane 650 horsepower naturally aspirated Plymouth Road Runner is living the Mopar dream.

The 1971 Plymouth Road Runner is possibly the most iconic American muscle car ever to hit the two-lane blacktop. With ease, the fuselage design and crazy Mopar engine options quickly carved out a spot for the second generation of what had already established itself as an American icon and somewhat of a brother to the famous Dodge Charger. Under the hood, you could get any of the iconic Mopar powerhouses such as the 383ci V8, 440ci big-block V8, and the incredible 426 Hemi. Of course, people bought these cars like hotcakes and, as Americans always do, began souping up their new rides for some fun at the drag strip.

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This was exactly the origin story for this stunning 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, which the current owner purchased in mint condition in 1975. Pretty soon after buying this car, the then-teenaged owner set out on a journey to be the fastest car at the drag strip. This included several engines, including the original 383ci V8, a 440ci big-block, and the stroked 400ci V8, which currently rests in the engine bay. After an exciting life on the drag strip, the car eventually settled in the garage in 1980, where it sat until 2010.

After 30 years of sitting, the car was finally revitalized and made into an incredible 650 horsepower naturally aspirated motor. All of that power is sent through the A-727 automatic transmission, which spins the Mickey Thompson tires exceptionally well. The interior has been kept all original, making it feel like you're stepping into a piece of automotive history every time you get behind the wheel. On the exterior, you’ll find an eye-catching orange paint job that also boasts some Roadrunner graphics, which show the car’s extensive heritage and Mopar pride. One of the craziest pieces of this powerful puzzle is that the engine is still carbureted, which shows just how much you can do with a lot of hard work and determination.

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