Ferrari F40 Catches Fire In Japan

May 12, 2021 2 min read
Ferrari F40 Catches Fire In Japan

It looks to be a total loss…

A Ferrari F40 caught fire on the Hakone Turnpike in Japan, realizing the fear every enthusiast has about their own car. This sadly isn’t the first time we’ve seen an F40 suddenly catch fire in most glorious fashion. Videos of the blaze show it spread quickly and consumed the entire car, leaving just a shell before firefighters could put it out.

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The Hakone Turnpike is referred to in some circles as the Japanese Nurburgring. Like the Nordschleife, it’s a toll road where enthusiasts go to really see what their vehicle can do. Reports indicate there were two people in the Ferrari when they both noticed smoke. Pulling over, they were able to get out safely before the fire spread to the cabin. Then they were helpless while waiting for firefighters to arrive.

image credit: YouTube

An early photo of the fire posted to Twitter doesn’t look so bad. The body still looks mostly intact and you can easily identify the car as a Ferrari F40. However, a video of firefighters arriving and starting to fight the blaze just shows a blackened husk on the road.

While this F40 might be a total loss, that doesn’t mean it will be junked. With the value of these supercars into the seven digits, people usually don’t just get rid of them after a tragedy. We saw another Ferrari F40 burned in Monaco last year, and it’s been fully restored.

No matter how badly a car is damaged, it can almost always be restored if you’re willing to put the money, time, and effort into the project. A car like the F40 warrants that kind of an investment, so hopefully this one will get a new lease on life.

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