Dodge Muscle Cars Dominate the Latest Most-Stolen List, Kia Makes Unexpected Entry

Sep 5, 2023 3 min read
Dodge Muscle Cars Dominate the Latest Most-Stolen List, Kia Makes Unexpected Entry

No suprise about the Dodges...

Dodge Charger models, specifically the SRT Hellcat and Charger HEMI, are once again leading the list of most-stolen vehicles in America for model years 2020-2022, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute's (HLDI) latest whole-vehicle theft report.

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The report showed that theft claims for the Charger SRT Hellcat were more than 60 times higher than the average for all vehicles within the same model years. The Charger HEMI wasn't far behind, with theft claims more than 20 times higher than average. "If you own a Hellcat, you better check your driveway. These numbers are unbelievable," warned HLDI Senior Vice President Matt Moore.

Charger and Challenger models equipped with powerful engines have been consistently making the top five list of most-stolen vehicles since 2011. However, the rate of theft has seen a staggering increase in recent years. For the 2020-2022 Charger SRT Hellcat models, there were 25 whole-vehicle theft claims per 1,000 insured vehicle years. This marks a considerable uptick from about 18 for models from 2019-2021.

Interestingly, four Kia models also made the top 20 list for most-stolen vehicles, propelled by a viral trend and a notable security gap. It turns out that many Hyundai and Kia vehicles lack electronic immobilizers, making them an easier target for theft.

Other frequently stolen vehicles from the 2020-2022 model years include high-end luxury vehicles from BMW, Infiniti, and Land Rover, as well as three large pickups boasting powerful engines.

On the flip side, six of the 20 models with the fewest theft claims are electric vehicles. General Motors manufactured another six on the list. Electric vehicles tend to be stolen less frequently, possibly because they are often parked in well-lit, secure areas for charging.

The HLDI's whole-vehicle theft report diverges from its standard theft report, which also accounts for stolen vehicle parts or items taken from a vehicle. The results in the report are adjusted for various factors, such as demographics and geography, offering a more nuanced view than simple raw numbers of thefts.

In an era where vehicle theft seems to be evolving in complex ways, this latest list serves as a wake-up call for vehicle owners, particularly those flaunting their Dodge Chargers. As Matt Moore summed it up, the figures are more than just statistics—they're a reality that can pull into anyone's driveway.

Vehicles with the LOWEST CLAIM FREQUENCY for whole-vehicle theft, 2020-22 model years

  Size/type  Relative claim frequency 

(100 = average)  
Tesla Model 3 4WD  Midsize luxury car (electric)   
Tesla Model Y 4WD  Midsize luxury SUV (electric)   
Volvo XC90 4WD  Midsize luxury SUV   
GMC Acadia 4WD  Midsize SUV   
Tesla Model X 4WD  Large luxury SUV (electric)   
Volvo XC40 4WD  Small luxury SUV   
Tesla Model 3  Midsize luxury car (electric)   
Chevrolet Trailblazer 4WD  Small SUV  10  
Lexus UX 250 hybrid 4WD  Small luxury SUV  10  
Volvo XC60 4WD  Midsize luxury SUV  10  
Buick Envision 4WD  Midsize luxury SUV  11  
Cadillac XT5  Midsize luxury SUV  11  
Chevrolet Traverse 4WD  Midsize SUV  12  
Land Rover Defender 4WD  Midsize luxury SUV  13  
Buick Encore GX 4WD  Small luxury SUV  14  
Nissan Leaf  Small car (electric)  14  
Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class  Midsize luxury SUV  15  
Subaru Ascent 4WD   Midsize SUV  15  
Tesla Model S 4WD  Large luxury car (electric)  15  
Volvo XC60  Midsize luxury SUV  15 
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