Four '80s Euro Supercars Live Out Their Stereotypes

Aug 14, 2020 1 min read
Four '80s Euro Supercars Live Out Their Stereotypes

Cheesy? Yes, but extremely fun to watch!

Just about all sports cars have certain stereotypes regarding their drivers, but it seems that European exotics are among the more flamboyant. This video caught our eye by showing us the Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach, Ruf CTR 911 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage in action. As cool as it is to see these cars being driven aggressively, the video offers plenty of comical value as it takes a stab at the stereotypical drivers you might find behind the wheel of four of the best supercars from the 1980s.

Video Credit: YouTube

What's an Aston Martin without a tuxedo-wearing, James Bond-wannabe behind the wheel, while the "Scarface" driver looks right at home behind the wheel of the Testarossa. To give the video a plot, the four 1980s stereotype drivers are in a race for a briefcase full of money, but the true value of this video is about five minutes of watching these incredible cars in dynamic motion – these aren't just artistic, slow-motion pan shots.

We would have liked to hear a little more of those supercar engines revving and a little less music playing in the background, but it is impressive watching these high-value classics being driven and enjoyed as intended. The Ruf 911, for example, is blasting down the highway at a cool 300 kph (186 mph) and equally commendable is the fact that this tuned Porsche 911 shows 170,000 km (about 105,000 miles) on its odometer. Speaking of mileage, that Aston Martin shown getting sideways on the Italian back roads has just 16,000 kilometers – that's under 10,000 miles. Forget the entertainment value of this video, we want to learn more about these cars!

Sure, the video is a bit cheesy, but it might as well be a commercial for the excess of the '80s. And for that, we love it.

Source: Kidston Productions

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