Epic Touge Battle Between Two Very Different American Icons

Mar 25, 2024 2 min read
Epic Touge Battle Between Two Very Different American Icons

This showdown is pretty thrilling!

We all love the excitement and danger of a touge battle, two people on a winding mountain road trying to pass one another and become the champion. We’ve seen tons of them, from the legendary battles of the Initial D anime to actual street racers in Japan these impressive events amaze thousands around the globe. However, what if we introduced some big horsepower numbers in the mix? Today we're bringing you a startling showdown between two American legends turned drift event slayers.

Watch a drifter get taken down by a Nova in a straight line here.

In the first corner, you’ll see Vaughn Gittin Jr. racing to top speeds in his 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback. This is no ordinary Mustang as this thing is backing a 5.0-liter V8 under the hood, this proud pony pushes out around 450 horsepower to the rear wheels making it a drift car masterpiece. Opposing the majestic Mustang is yet another fan favorite from the land of the free, a 1935 Factory Five Ford hot rod. Under the hood of this beast is a Ford Performance FR9 V8, this thing is getting ready to hit that Mustang with a backhand smack of over 850-horsepower. Though there is a significant gap in power between the two vehicles, horsepower is not nearly as important around the bends as it is in straight-line speed so this race could be close.

The race begins with the '35 Ford in the lead, while the Mustang tries to keep up it appears that for now the raw horsepower of the hot rod is too much for the little 'Stang. With each turn, however, the gap closes tighter and tighter. Turns one and two see the Mustang sticking close to the inside of the turn while three and four at taking with a wider approach, this leaves the Mustang with a lot of ground to cover if he wishes to surpass the hot rod.

The 1935 Ford keeps an even line, his tactic is less show and more go in efforts to win the race. Despite some incredible driving on the part of the '35 Ford, the Mustang passed it with one fell swoop in the final turn of the battle. This was done by taking the outside of the turn and then changing direction for the second turn while still in the first, this put the Mustang into a position where it was already on the inside of the turn and was able to overtake the hot rod. The scene ends with the two cars lining up and the Mustang triumphantly declaring its victory with a cloud of blue smoke.

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