The Black Ghost Is A Mopar Legend

Feb 27, 2021 2 min read
The Black Ghost Is A Mopar Legend

This street racing muscle car is now part of a prestigious collection…

As those who were alive and driving during the golden age of American muscle cars continue to age, there’s a real threat of that history being lost forever. That’s why it’s great to see organizations like the Historic Vehicle Association doing its part to preserve not only the vehicles from the era but also the stories behind them. One of the latest cars to be added to the growing collection is the Black Ghost, a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE kept original all this time.

Check out a great example of the modern evolution of the Dodge Challenger here.

If you’re from Detroit and were around during the 70s, you might have heard the stories of the Black Ghost, a mysterious Mopar which roamed the streets and challenged many other cars to race. Ordered in triple black, it’s not difficult to understand how it earned its name since it looks extra sinister, especially at night.

photo credit: Facebook

Godfrey Qualls ordered this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE with a hard-hitting 426ci Hemi V8. He used it to strike fear in the hearts of other street racers throughout the 70s. Then, the Black Ghost mysteriously disappeared for decades, making people wonder if it was crashed, impounded by the police, or if the owner moved away.

Now we’re getting answers on why the Black Ghost suddenly stopped racing on Detroit streets, what kind of condition it’s in now, and the story behind the man who owns one of the most notorious muscle cars out there.

The Historic Vehicle Association not only thoroughly documented the Black Ghost with plenty of photos and written stories, it produced a mini documentary on it. You can watch that video for yourself since it’s attached to this article. Just under 40 minutes long, it’s better than most of the tripe you find on TV these days, so sit back and enjoy.

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