Dodge's Electric Charger Daytona Set for March Reveal

Feb 21, 2024 2 min read
Dodge's Electric Charger Daytona Set for March Reveal

Will the next chapter be a good one for Dodge?

Anticipation is building as Dodge is poised to unveil the all-electric Charger Daytona on March 5th, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of American muscle cars. Revealed by Dodge’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt McAlear, at the J.D. Power Auto Summit in Las Vegas, this groundbreaking vehicle is set to hit the streets as a 2025 model in the fall of this year. This isn't just a step towards electrification; it's a leap towards redefining what a muscle car can be, combining eco-conscious power with the high performance that Dodge is celebrated for.

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The Charger Daytona aims to challenge the conventional, blending tradition with innovation by adopting a two-door design, a nod to the Charger’s heritage. This design choice not only respects the model's lineage but also signifies a bold departure from the current generation's four-door setup, promising a fresh yet familiar aesthetic inspired by retro styling cues. The introduction of a two-door model signifies the end of the line for the Dodge Challenger, with plans to introduce a four-door variant of the Charger Daytona later on, catering to the segment that made the previous generation Charger the nation's best-selling muscle car.

Powertrain options for the Charger Daytona are nothing short of electrifying, starting with an entry-level offering capable of 456 horsepower (340 kW). The lineup escalates to a 440 kW variant, delivering a robust 590 horsepower, and culminates in an 800-volt system anticipated to produce a staggering baseline of 885 horsepower. Furthermore, Dodge plans to enhance the customization and performance enhancement options available to owners through eStage kits, allowing for even greater power outputs.

Dodge's commitment to crafting the "ultimate muscle car" of the future is evident in this ambitious project. By embracing electric power, the Charger Daytona is set to redefine expectations, proving that muscle cars can evolve while maintaining their soul and performance heritage. As the automotive world eagerly awaits its debut, the Charger Daytona stands poised to chart a new course for muscle cars, blending the thrill of high performance with the benefits of electric technology.

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