Dodge Tomahawk Rumors Flare Up

Jun 30, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Tomahawk Rumors Flare Up

But you really shouldn’t believe rumors…

Dodge, a brand we’ve been assured by many emotionally stable individuals wants people to die, has some tricks up its sleeve. We’re about to see some of the cards its been holding close to the vest during a reveal events scheduled for August 12-20. While we know the Dodge e-muscle car is going to be unveiled at that time, there’s plenty of speculation about what else will be revealed, including the secretive Tomahawk.

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We do know Dodge plans to make announcements about the current muscle car lineup, as well as “gateway muscle” and “future muscle” Everyone has their opinion about what those last two terms mean. But some believe one of these products will be called the Tomahawk. I’m not so sure.

You see, on June 23 FCA US LLC filed the Tomahawk name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. People get all worked up all the time when they hear about automakers trademarking different names, like the rumors about the Ford Thunderbird returning. But the fact is automakers sit on names for years on end without using them. For all we know, that’s what’s happening here.

But let me point out something even more obvious: the Tomahawk might not be a Dodge. In fact, if I had to bet, I’d put my money on it being a Jeep. After all, the off-road brand has the whole “hawk” nomenclature theme going on. But that’s just an educated guess.

Maybe we’ll finally get the Chrysler Pacifica Tomahawk Edition with 650-horsepower and side pipes. The fact is nobody knows what Stellantis is planning for Dodge or the other brands under its rather large, international umbrella.

Going back to the dodge reveal events in August, anything could be unveiled during those. We might see the new electric muscle car in action or it might just sit on a stage and do nothing. Dodge probably will show off some final editions for the Hellcats, similar to what it did for the Viper, but despite what some automotive journalists are saying, I don’t think this means the end of internal combustion engines for Dodge. No, no, forced induction with smaller displacement will be the bold way moving forward, when electrification isn’t the overpriced answer. This is going to be interesting to watch unfold.

Images via Stellantis

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