DC Cops Wreck Out While Street Racing

Jul 29, 2021 2 min read
DC Cops Wreck Out While Street Racing

This seems more than a little hypocritical…

On the evening of July 22, Washington, DC police officers in two cruisers decided to engage in a little street racing. Perhaps nobody would’ve ever known about this incident, but the cops crashed their own cars like so many other street racer idiots. Thanks to the accident, local media picked up the story.

Watch a cop race a Hellcat Redeye on a drag strip here.

The crash was serious enough that 4 DC police officers were taken to a local hospital. Thankfully, none of their injuries were life-threatening, but we bet they felt more than a little stupid explaining what led up to the accident.

Eyewitnesses say they estimated the cop cars were traveling over 60 mph in a residential area. A dramatic local report doesn’t show the wrecked police cruisers, but the reporter on scene well after the accident does have the cameraman show off a wood fence at least one car apparently crashed into. Admittedly, the fence doesn’t look to have been in the greatest shape for some time, so we have no idea just what kind of damage was really done. But boy do they play up the drama factor!

Even better, someone who lives in the DC neighborhood took video of the crash. That person must have the worst cellphone ever, because the video is so incredibly pixelated it almost looks like it came from the original Need For Speed game. Even with the poor video quality, the damage on the police cruisers honestly doesn’t look that bad, but the reporter really sells it, talking about the “front of the two cruisers smashed into each other.” Honestly, we don’t see a single smashed body panel.

A communication from the police department to the local news claims both cop cars were totaled. We know how insurance works these days and how little damage there needs to be to total most vehicles, so we’re still not convinced the damage was all that severe. Still, these officers obviously shouldn’t have been drag racing. Take it to the track, cops!

Source: Fox 5 DC

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