Dad Goes For Ride In 700-HP Chevelle

May 23, 2024 2 min read
Dad Goes For Ride In 700-HP Chevelle

Someone’s getting an extra-good Christmas present this year…

There are many ways to honor one’s father, but we have a certain affinity for the way a couple of sons treated their dad to a ride in a 700-horsepower Chevelle. Trust us, this is a million times better than all those other videos showing people’s reactions to hard acceleration in some crazy car, including those cliché videos of Tesla owners making their passengers hold a glass of water.

Son restores his parents’ old muscle car. See their reaction here.

For starters, you can tell the dad is a real gearhead, although maybe he’s lapsed from the hobby for a time. Instead of acting all unsure because the Chevy only has a lap belt or that it lacks airbags or some such nonsense, the guy looks genuinely excited to be riding in the passenger seat.

Then when his son really drops the hammer, pushing him back in his seat, that huge smile spreading across the guy’s face is wonderful to see. Instead of being shocked or scared, it’s like watching an old warrior take up his sword once more, remembering the thing which made him feel so alive once. Maybe this guy owned a hobby car back in the day and sold it to meet financial obligations for the family – that happens a lot and it’s a huge sacrifice.

Sure, we’re reading into the situation because the context isn’t given in this video. In a way that’s neat because we just get to see the glee of this man we don’t know as his son shows him a good time. When he returns, the other son who’s holding the camera seems pretty giddy to realize his dad is overjoyed, not upset feeling the hard pulls in the classic American muscle car.

This is such a heartwarming and short video, so give it a view or a few.

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