WI Woman Mistakenly Drives Minivan In Classic Car Parade

May 7, 2020 2 min read
WI Woman Mistakenly Drives Minivan In Classic Car Parade

Hey, at least the kids had fun!

We've been hearing a growing number of instances about classic cars being used to help keep morale up during COVID-19 while still practicing social distancing, but this latest story shows just how accepting car enthusiasts can be. On April 25, Tara Blaesing, of Wisconsin, heard about an "everyone is welcome" car cruise happening in her town, so she decided to load up three of her kids and go to check it out.

The problem was that she and her kids rolled up to the staging area in the family's minivan, and were soon surrounded by at least a dozen cool cars from classics to late model sports cars. Not wanting to disappoint her car-loving kiddos, she sucked up her pride and participated in the parade in her Chrysler Town & Country, which she lovingly dubbed the "Swagger Wagon."

Although the situation looked a little embarrassing at first, the good news is that all of the enthusiasts seemed to be well excepting of the out-of-place soccer mom, and the convoy of classics rolled through the town as planned. Making Tara's story even more comical is the fact that all of her kids were, for some reason, wearing their Halloween costumes. At this point of the COVID lockdown, we're all probably getting stir crazy enough to go to any car show we can find wearing any clothes that aren't pajamas or sweatpants!

From her pictures, it looks like there was a pretty good turnout of enthusiasts, and it just goes to show that it doesn't matter what you drive as long as you have fun.

Source: Facebook

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