Corvette Hits Crowd

Jun 1, 2023 1 min read
Corvette Hits Crowd

This was a really bad idea…

A video posted to Instagram is making the rounds on the internet and anyone can see why. A Corvette plowing into a crowd is something you see every day, just every other day lately, and this one is particularly crazy for a few reasons.

See the aftermath of a C8 Corvette crashing into a pool here.

We know some people are saying it’s always a Mustang that hits crowds, but we’ve seen plenty of Dodge Challengers and Chargers also power slide into throngs of people as they’re leaving meets or participating in some street takeover. And unfortunately we’ve seen quite a few Corvettes doing that sort of thing at car meets of late.

In this video, which seems to be at some drifting event which looks a lot like a legal recreation of a stupid street takeover drift circle, we can see multiple cars kicking up plenty of tire smoke while whipping around a paved area. People are standing nearby with their phones out, because it’s all about getting followers on social media.

There’s a makeshift tire wall that’s quite pathetic, ostensibly to keep people safe. However, some guys have hopped that and are out there recording away when the ‘Vette driver loses control, the back end of his American sports car breaking loose as he careens into the crowd and that tire wall.

The very back end of the Corvette hits two guys, one of whom breaks the hatch’s glass and ends up inside the cargo area. We hope that guy went to the hospital and was checked for a concussion. Another person landed on the hood of the Chevy, and plenty of others were slammed by the side of the car.

It doesn’t appear anyone was seriously hurt and the driver couldn’t pull away fast enough. So this was barely a step above an illegal street takeover but with the same kind of carnage. Check it out for yourself.

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