Corvette Crashes While Street Racing Tesla

Jan 18, 2023 1 min read
Corvette Crashes While Street Racing Tesla

And they were doing it in Texas…

Street racing is a dumb thing to do, so when we see something like a Chevy Corvette driver crashing while trying to show a Tesla driver his ride is faster, we have little sympathy. The accident in question didn’t take place in the middle of the night on a deserted rural road, but instead went down at about 2 pm on Saturday January 7 on Northwest Loop 410 near I-10 West. That’s right, they were doing it in Texas.

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We get why freeways are tempting places to hold races. After all, they’re already built for higher speeds than surface streets, so you don’t have to deal with the dangers of cross-streets and intersections. They also tend to have nice straightaways and gentler curves, plus at least in some cases the road surface is smoother. Still, the freeway is no racetrack.

When the driver of this Corvette lost control while racing a Tesla, it spun out and hit a guardrail. There was a driver and a passenger in the Chevy, so thankfully they hadn’t piled three people into the two-seater sports car, something we’ve seen far too often.

The driver of the Tesla didn’t stop and stay at the scene of the accident, so police are looking for that person. Thankfully, the people in the ‘Vette weren’t hurt. Police reportedly are investigating the crash, but we bet some charges are coming soon enough. If the Corvette is still in fairly good condition, it might be impounded.

We get why some performance car owners want to show Tesla drivers who’s boss. After all those drag racing videos showing Teslas humiliating all kinds of cars and everyone thinking Teslas are just the fastest thing on the road, it’s tempting to knock them down a peg or two. Really, that’s best done on a drag strip, not public roads, otherwise you might be dealing with this kind of situation, or worse.

Source: News 4 San Antonio

Image via YouTube

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