Vaughn Gittin Jr Gets Behind The Wheel Of A 2024 Mustang

Jan 10, 2023 1 min read
Vaughn Gittin Jr Gets Behind The Wheel Of A 2024 Mustang

Who better to show this car off than a Formula D legend?

You might be one of the many Ford fans eagerly awaiting the new edition of the Ford S650 Mustang platform. Well, you’re definitely not alone and advertisers for the Ford brand understand this very well. Recently, Jimmy Fallon has decided to record a commercial featuring the mustang, despite the fact that Jimmy Fallon hasn't really been known as a “car guy” by most people. But hey, who better to represent the ultimate enthusiast car than somebody whose job is to have fun and make people laugh?

Behind the wheel of this vehicle is a real car guy, Mr. Vaughn Gittin Jr, a formula D icon. His job will be to rip the mustang around, take tight corners and create a scene in which a hard-working businessman blows off steam at the end of the day by taking his new Mustang out for a drive. So, how do you make Jimmy Fallon look stressed? Thankfully, that isn’t his department but he does have to create an appealing scene for the four-cylinder ecoboost he is in control of.

The day started off or you might expect for a commercial shoot. The team got Vaughn dressed and ready to be Jimmy’s stunt double in the Mustang, which was apparently especially tuned by the Vaughn Gittin Junior team. At the end of filming, that mustang truly was put to the test showing off decades of bright and shining heritage with every rev. Overall, the commercial came out great and, all jokes aside, that mustang looked pretty capable of tearing up the road just like its ancestors.

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