Corvette Catches Fire In California

Feb 1, 2023 2 min read
Corvette Catches Fire In California

What a hot ride!

We know Corvette owners love telling everyone else what a hot ride their car is, but one ‘Vette in Davis, California drove that point home recently. As the city’s fire department noted on Twitter, the American sports car caught on fire and a crew responded on the night of January 23. Thankfully, nobody was injured, which is why we can joke about the blaze.

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Nobody seems to be sure about the cause of the fire. The obvious culprits would be a fuel leak or an electrical problem, although other items in a car can spark an out-of-control inferno. At one point in a video of firefighters setting up to take on the flames, something in the car explodes, sending sparks showering onto the roadway.

Whatever was the cause, the driver obviously spotted signs of the fire, safely pulling over and exiting the Corvette before things got out of hand. If you’re ever driving a car and smoke starts pouring out from under the hood or anywhere else, pull over immediately and get out. Vehicle fires can spread rapidly so they’re not something you should treat casually.

Also fortunate, there were no other cars, trees, or buildings nearby so firefighters didn’t have to contend with the inferno spreading. Still, they were able to get the blaze under control quickly, although we would be surprised to learn the sports car isn’t totaled and headed to the scrap heap.

Only you can prevent car fires, says Smokey the Gearhead, at least most of the time. Usually, vehicle fires are caused by improper maintenance, so either stay on top of that or listen to your mechanic’s advice. Leaking fluids can spark a fire, as can exposed wires, so watch for both. Also, don’t store extra fuel in your car and if you have to drive with a gas can for any distance, don’t put it in the passenger area.

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