Community Officer And Spouse Incarcerated For Faking Theft Of Range Rover

Oct 2, 2023 2 min read
Community Officer And Spouse Incarcerated For Faking Theft Of Range Rover

The pair are in hot water.

In a striking case of duplicity, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), Fiona Price, and her husband, Darren Price, have faced judicial reprisal as they are sentenced to three months of imprisonment. The verdict follows their deceitful act of alleging the theft of their Range Rover to illegitimately claim insurance.

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Fiona, a 33-year-old mother of three and an aspiring Criminal Investigation Dept (CID) officer in Leeds, and her husband concocted a story of their vehicle being stolen to avoid the expenditure of its much-needed £2,000 repairs. Bradford Crown Court learned that their fabricated tale would cost Fiona her promising career and land both in custody, unraveling their calculated deception.

The court heard that the couple found their Range Rover to be a financial drain and were reluctant to bear the repair costs. Instead, Darren took it upon himself to have the vehicle ‘disposed of’ by a friend, ensuring its disappearance post-August 6. Subsequently, Fiona, leveraging her position as a West Yorkshire officer, reported the fictitious theft to the North Yorkshire Police, extending her fabricated scenario to her insurance claim.

However, the immediate suspicion from her former colleagues prompted an exhaustive investigation, revealing discrepancies in their story. Through meticulous scrutiny of automatic number plate recognition and phone cell-site evidence, it was unveiled that the couple had traversed to Burnsall in a Renault Clio, borrowed from a relative.

The wake of their deceitful endeavor led to their arrest in August of the previous year. Shockingly, during their interrogation in November, they displayed unanticipated audacity, criticizing the investigators for inducing 'embarrassment and stress'. The ensuing legal proceedings saw them conceding to their conspiratorial endeavor to impede justice.

The defense highlighted their sudden familial misfortunes and untimely bereavements as the potential influences affecting their judgment. Glenn Parsons, Fiona's barrister, labeled the incident a dismal culmination of otherwise sensible individuals embarking on a destined-to-fail escapade, emphasizing Fiona’s forfeited bright future and voluntary resignation in disgrace.

Rejecting the defense’s appeal for a suspended sentence, Recorder Alex Menary addressed the convicts, emphasizing their reluctance to cover repair costs and their deliberate concoction to deceive the insurance company. He expressed his disbelief in the impulsivity of the crime and his concern over the squandered police resources on a non-existent theft.

Recorder Menary deemed the offense as meticulously calculated and accentuated the need for a deterrent sentence. As a lenient act, the sentence was reduced to three months, underscoring the immediate commencement of their imprisonment. The couple’s audacious endeavors serve as a stark reminder of the ramifications of deceptive acts and the relentless pursuit of justice by the law enforcement agencies.

Source: Daily Mail

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