Classic Rolls-Royces Stashed Away In Virginia Mountains

Jan 11, 2024 2 min read
Classic Rolls-Royces Stashed Away In Virginia Mountains

It’s amazing where you can find some amazing classics…

With the perception of Rolls-Royce as being one of the most exclusive car brands on the planet, one of the last places you might expect to find a collection of them is in the Appalachian Mountains. Yet that’s exactly what Tom Cotter, the famous Barn Find Hunter, tracked down. What’s even better, the five Rolls-Royces are stashed away in a huge collection of all kinds of classic cars.

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When Cotter first arrives, he just sees a sea of classic GM cars on the property. When he remarks how the owner must be a real GM guy, the owner corrects him and notes he has plenty of Fords in the collection. Oddly enough, he says nothing about the Rolls-Royces hidden away until Tom notices one.

Things turn really interesting when Cotter makes a joke about the owner saying he’s sunk $12,000 into one of the Rolls, quipping the grille is probably worth that much. The owner of this collection dispelled the myth that everything with the Spirit of Ecstasy on it costs an arm and a leg, if a person knows what they’re doing. He claims to source parts from Eastern Europe as a way to keep things reasonable. In other words, if you’re resourceful enough, ownership can be within reach.

That said, almost immediately after he admits another one of his Rolls-Royces has some “very expensive parts.” He learned that after a thief tried to take them off. In other words, you should do thorough research before buying any classic, that way you go into ownership fully aware of what you’re getting into.

Not surprisingly, the man who amassed this collection got into the hobby thanks to his grandfather, who owned a dealership. This hobby is one which passes down from one generation to another, helping to create a meaningful connection in families as everyone learns to respect and honor the past.

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