Classic GMC Truck Stolen From Barn

Feb 25, 2021 2 min read
Classic GMC Truck Stolen From Barn

This isn’t how you do barn finds!

A 1949 GMC pickup which was reportedly in “show quality” was stolen from a barn in Olathe, Colorado sometime between February 1 and February 8. As one might imagine, the owner really wants the classic truck back. Montrose County Sheriffs Office is working with Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers to successfully recover the vehicle while reaching out to the public for help. Everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled for this GMC and spread the word.

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The GMC truck in question is brown with tan running boards. Authorities say it’s been in the family for some time and so has a considerable amount of sentimental value for the owner. This situation is incredibly sad and we hope the pickup is recovered in one piece. It could very well be listed for sale online right now, so stay aware and contact the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office if you think you’ve found it.

photo credit: Facebook

There’s no word on if the barn was locked or if the truck was easy to reach. Likely the GMC had no security features installed, unfortunately making it easy for a dishonest person to steal. This serves as a reminder that if you own a classic vehicle, you need to ensure it’s not easily reached by potential thieves and is difficult to move.

Sadly, this serves as a reminder that no area is complete free of vehicle theft, especially these days. Criminals have been showing unbelievable determination to take your ride, particularly if they feel it’s valuable or would be fun to take for a joyride. Some have even gone so far as to install wildlife cameras nearby a victim’s property to determine when the vehicle will be left alone long enough for them to strike. The name of the game is making your car too much of a hassle to take so thieves will move on to another one.

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